“America’s Next Top Model” Video Blog: Episode 9.1

This week we celebrate the joyous occasion of a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model. And by "celebrate," we mean make a video blog about it in which we mock it mercilessly!

Well, not really. The truth is that we love the show and the queen of its kingdom, Tyra Banks. So in our premiere ANTM blog we pay her due worship while dissecting everything we love, hate, and just don’t understand about the latest cycle of our (well, my and Jill’s anyway) favorite show.

In our premiere ANTM video blog, we discuss:

  • Proper catwalk technique
  • Lap dances
  • What the three of us would like to do to Tyra

One note: Jill talks at length about the scrawny models, impossible body image standards for women, and how she often "starves herself down" for a role. Just to clarify, Jill does actually eat, and I can vouch for this because she cooks me dinner all the time. And eats it. So please don’t send her food. But thanks for caring.

Also, the South of Nowhere mid-season finale edition of "We’re Getting Nowhere" will be posted next week, so hold tight!


America’s Next Top Model Video Blog: Episode 9.1