We’re Getting Nowhere: “America’s Next Top Model” Episode 9.4

The long-awaited “makeover” episode (Episode 9.4) of ANTM aired this week, and Jill, Dara and I were pleased to witness it in all its tear-stained, weave-tangled glory! Well, Jill and I were pleased. Dara, however, is still watching ANTM under duress.

This week, we discuss:

  • How many of the contestants can really pronounce (and understand) the word “metamorphosis”
  • The role karma might have played in Bianca’s hair debacle
  • Why many of the girls are suddenly starting to look like…Tyra?

Also, in another special We’re Getting Nowhere bonus feature, we’ll catch up with the three “lost” ANTM contestants, Loquacious, Lorelai, and Natalia, who were introduced in last week’s vlog. Watch their dramatic confessionals in the clip below to find out how they fared in the makeovers, how they feel about foliage, and who already hates who!

(see full-sized photos from their “photo shoot” here)

America’s Next Top Model Video Blog: Episode 9.4

AfterEllen.com Exclusive:
The 3 “lost” contestants of
America’s Next Top Model get freaky with foliage!