The Possible Retreat of Jezebel James

Well, this is just depressing.
And no, I don’t mean this eye-crossing wardrobe malfunction. Coordinating
outfits isn’t just for lesbian twins, girls.

It’s bad enough that Gilmore Girls
is off the air (and that its last two seasons were senselessly awful);
it’s bad enough that some humorless moron thought TV audiences wouldn’t
understand that Amy Sherman-Palladino is funny without
setting her snappy bantering dialogue to a laugh
track. Now, the Ausiello Report
brings grim tidings

that the original order for 13 episodes of The Return of Jezebel
— our only hope for the return of Palladino’s humor and the
presence of Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose on our TVs
— has been slashed to seven.

According to Ausiello,
Fox declined to explain the slash to the episode order. Instead, they
discussed how very, very busy they are launching new shows while making
room for returning hits such as 24 and American
(not to mention banning
Buffy sing-alongs
However, they promise that they have just enough room to spare for those
seven episodes and that they

“are big fans of Amy
Sherman-Palladino, Dan Palladino and the extremely talented cast and
are looking forward to airing the show.”

Talk about damning with praise.
But then again, to be honest — and I’m waiting for lightning to strike
while I say this — I didn’t really love the show’s premise myself.
If you aren’t familiar with it, you can pretty much glean the whole
story from this clip (see the official trailer here).



I know, I know: It’s bad to
judge based on rough cuts of footage. And yet I can’t help it.
The thing I’d add to Dorothy Snarker’s list of snap
this: Ambrose is adorable in her oversized jacket, so the whole “dirty” thing
is a bit condescending. That’s not dirty, y’all: That’s what I
like to call underemployed twenty-something chic. A look I know



On a less negative note, Ausiello speculates
that a possible reason for the shortened season may be Sherman-Palladino’s newly announced (and first big-screen)
, a Sarah Jessica Parker vehicle based on the Amy Cohen novel

The Late Bloomer’s Revolution. That would make me happy
for Sherman-Palladino, though not for me (I’m rather apathetic to Parker,
a consequence of being an airline economy captive audience to four consecutive
showings of Failure to Launch). It may also mean there’s
no shot at a return — or even an entrance — for Jezebel James.

Yeah, Lauren, much as the
pilot made me cringe, I’m with you.