Wonderful women warriors: buff, beautiful and babelicious

Jaime Sommers. Supergirl. Sarah Walker. Niki Sanders. Sarah Corvus. All women who kick butt on a regular
basis on network TV. None have captured my heart in the way that Buffy,
Xena and Syd did, but the possibility is there.

We love that these characters
are more than beautifully buff bodies. They’re real people, with brains
and personalities and problems — even dark sides. Other writers have
why strong
women are so popular with general audiences, but at AfterEllen.com,
we prefer to focus on the women themselves. And their beautifully buff

Fortunately, we can count on EW.com to have the right list at the right
time. Last week’s Butt-Kicking Babes is just what the lesbians ordered.
The inspired lineup includes the top 24 hard-hittin’ hotties of all time. Actually, it started
with 22 — with Buffy and Sydney missing. Fan outcry forced revision of the list, and rightly so. Now most
of our favorites are there — Ripley, The Bride, Starbuck, Trinity, Kate Austen — along with some great choices that
are less obvious. Here are some highlights and choice quotes from EW’s

No. 23 — Domino Harvey (Keira
) in Domino

“Black leather jacket,
dog tags, necklace with a domino as a pendant, bandolier, artfully ripped

No. 19 — Vienna (Joan Crawford)
in Johnny Guitar

“Shootin’, brawlin’, eyebrow-archin’.
All-black Western-wear, including britches.” (Johnny Guitar

is a movie to rent. Mercedes McCambridge versus Joan Crawford.
I’m surprised the heat didn’t melt the film.)

No. 18 — Eowyn (Miranda
) in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

“Full chainmail armor,
spear, short sword and Hobbit in the back seat.”

No. 15 — Varla (Tura Satana)
in Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

“One of the baddest bad
girls ever, Varla can out-drag-race any man and she can kill with a
single karate chop to the back.”

No. 12 — River Tam (Summer
) in Serenity

“[Battle gear] seems to
be nothing more than a sundress. But it’s the sundress of death.”

No. 11 — Sydney Bristow (Jennifer
) in Alias

“Lingerie, short skirts,
neon wigs: basically the deadliest hooker costumes you can imagine.”
(I know I already mentioned Syd, but I had to use this picture.)

No. 9 — Pussy Galore (Honor
) in Goldfinger

“With apologies to
Halle Berry
‘s Jinx, Pussy Galore is the baddest Bond babe ever.”

No. 6 — Coffy (Pam Grier)
in Coffy

“Coffy’s creative weaponry
includes a sawed-off shotgun, a syringe with a lethal dose of heroin,
a broken wine bottle and an Afro packed with hidden razor blades.”

No. 1 — Buffy Summers (Sarah
Michelle Gellar
) in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Wicked with a stake,
Buffy’s a gifted martial artist, stronger than the average bear and
a world-class shopper.”

Before you scour the rest of the
, I must note
the most stunning omission. They aren’t kicking butt here, but this
is definitely an action shot.

Any other striking omissions?
Who are your favorite butt-kicking babes?