Fall TV: What’s off your TiVo?

We’re more than a month into
the Fall TV season — time enough to figure out which shows we don’t
want to miss and which ones we miss on purpose. Sarah and Lori have
been giving their week-by-week reviews of what they’re watching in She Made Me Watch
, but if you’re
like me, you get so caught up in how adorable they are that you totally
forget what they’re saying. And some readers can’t watch the vlogs for
various reasons. So here’s a slightly different forum for weighing in
with your opinions of this season’s series — after I weigh in with mine,
of course.

Let’s start with what was probably the show most anticipated by AfterEllen.com readers: Bionic

My one-word review: meh. The eye candy factor only goes so far. I just don’t care about these characters.
Even Katee Sackhoff can’t hold my attention for an hour in a boring
show. TiVo-worthy? Nope.

Private Practice

One-word review: improving.
I haven’t given up on this show yet and, of course, Kate Walsh has a lot to do with that. We have
yet to see an entire episode that kicks butt, but none have sucked as
badly as the first one. Story lines like the switched babies and the
woman who couldn’t have sex reflect the quirky brilliance we expect
from Shonda & company. Others, like Addison’s revelation that she
doesn’t masturbate, seem to be trying too hard. TiVo-worthy? Yes, for

Ugly Betty

One-word review: fabulous. I still love Betty. Only Ugly Betty can make me happy and misty-eyed in
the same scene. In fact, I get grumpy if I don’t get to watch it when
it airs. It’s smart, gay-friendly and a lot of fun. TiVo-worthy? Definitely,
so I can watch it again.


One-word review: discouraging.
I’ve been faithful to ER throughout its 14-year history and dearly
love Maura Tierney. Last year, I was sorely tempted to
cheat. If something shiny and new appears on another channel, I fear
I may give in to temptation. TiVo-worthy? I can’t bring myself to say


One-word review: huh? Maybe
it’s just me, but this seems to be the same story over and over. And
it wasn’t that interesting the first time, even with Missy Peregrym. Kill off the characters and let the
devil have the show. TiVo-worthy? TiNo.

Pushing Daisies

One-word review: awesome. One
of my new favorite shows, Pushing Daisies is
campy, well written and unlike anything on television. And it has
Kristin Chenoweth, Swoosie Kurtz, Ellen Greene
and a new crush,
Anna Friel
. TiVo-worthy? Absolutely.

Friday Night Lights

One-word review: adrift. I
got hooked on Friday Night
reruns. But this season, the show seems to have lost its way. If the
writers correct some of their missteps soon, I’m in. But they’d better
do it soon. TiVo-worthy? For a few more weeks.

Others on my TiVo list are
new shows Dirty Sexy Money and Chuck, both nice surprises, and, of course, Exes & Ohs. (And a shout out to the just-ended

Mad Men — depressing, but compelling.) Plus returning shows that
still shine: Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Weeds, Brothers &
and 30 Rock. By the way, I predict an Emmy for

Alec Baldwin in last episode’s scene
with Tracy

New shows that I want to like,
but don’t: Women’s Murder
, Journeyman,
and Moonlight (sorry). Old shows that I tried to like, but
didn’t: House, CSI, Nip/Tuck and reality shows in general.

Returning shows that used to
be appointment television but are losing me: Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Those
that lost me last season: Men in Trees, Heroes.

And finally, three AfterEllen.com
reader favorites that I haven’t watched enough to judge: Aliens in
Gossip Girl and Life.

The obvious omissions generally
are shows I enjoy when I see them, but don’t miss when I don’t. Except
for Big Shots. I couldn’t even sit through a preview of that
show. One-word review: why?

Your turn. What’s on your TiVo?
What’s on your list of must-not-see TV? What shows have changed the
most since you first watched?