TV alert: “Nip/Tuck” tours “lesbania”

So, are you watching Nip/Tuck? I am, but often through my fingers — and not because of the plastic surgery scenes. I want to see Portia de Rossi and Joely Richardson as often as possible (who wouldn’t?), but every time they show up, I wince and fear mishandling of the story line.

[Warning: Mild spoilers]

Last week, I really liked Julia’s heart-to-heart with Sean. She seemed like a woman who’s not really embracing or rejecting anything just yet. And she was kind to her ex-husband, which is always a breath of fresh air on a show that has come to rely on exposure (of every sort) and betrayal for drama. It wasn’t always like that — the first couple of seasons of Nip/Tuck were richer and more complex, still soapy but not always taking the easy way out.

And the easy way out is what worries me. Right after Julia’s forthrightness warmed the cockles of my heart, Sean and Christian played cock of the walk, tossing around epithets and bravado until I felt sick. So I don’t know whether to be optimistic about the Julia/Olivia relationship — well, I know I shouldn’t have high hopes for a happy ending, but will we even get to enjoy a few short weeks of romance and hotness? I’m a fool to believe, and Liz (Roma Maffia) would be the first to tell me so.

Here’s a teaser for tonight’s episode, in which Liz questions whether Julia is really “moving to lesbania” or just enjoying a sojourn there. I don’t know who died and made Liz keeper of the toaster ovens, but I’m sure I’ll tune in — hands poised to cover my eyes — to see how it all unfolds.