Happy trails, Sara Sidle

Oh, Sara Sidle. All that squinting.
All that eyebrow raising. All that gap-toothed grinning. How we will
miss it. All of it. Jorja Fox leaves CSI tonight after
eight seasons of forensic sleuthing. Oh, scarecrow, I think I’ll miss
that skeptical scowl the most.

Jorja told Entertainment Weekly
last month that she
was leaving for personal reasons, like maybe surfing around the world.
To which I say, “Good on ya, mate.” As much as I’ll be sad to see
my favorite CSI go, I understand the inclination to get away. Daily
TV is a grind, and peering inquisitively at imaginary evidence probably
gets old, too.

And, well, there was that
unfortunate incident with the bathrobes. Let us for a minute ignore
the huge what-the-hell that is the Grissom-Sara thing and discuss their
wardrobe choices. Uh, whose silky things were those — his or hers?

Of course, it’s not the first
time Jorja has shown up in unusual on-screen attire. The cast, the beekeeper
suit, the construction jumpsuit — if they’d added a leather vest and
feather headdress, she could be a one-woman Village People of sorts.

From the foreshadowing in the
last few episodes, it seems like Sara has lost her taste for all the
death and destruction. That, or she got tired of playing what appears
to be the hardest game of pick-up sticks ever. Wait … hmm, on second
thought, maybe that’s not what they’re doing.

So, what kind of farewell do
you think they have planned for Sara? Will Grissom break out the waterworks?
Will they — gulp — smooch? Will Sara go out with a bang, not a whimper?

Yesterday Jorja joked
with the ladies of The View

that being off the show has unexpected perks. As she said,
“I can date the cast.”
Look, I’m all for it, but isn’t Marg Helgenberger married already?