VIDEO: Power Premiere Red Carpet Interviews

I asked Logo’s Ashley Kaplan (whom I like to call the Shane

of the Logo offices) to bring a camera to the Power Premiere last weekend and interview the lesbian celebrities and lesbian celebrity icons for, and she kindly obliged, despite knowing almost nothing about most of these women since she doesn’t watch much TV.

In this fun video she put together for us, we learn things like:

  • What Guin Turner‘s working on now
  • Michelle Paradise‘s favorite lesbian moment of ’07 (besideslaunching her show)
  • Thea Gill‘s favorite scene on Queer as Folk
  • Why Daniela Sea identified with Jo on The Facts ofLife
  • Renee O’Connor‘s new TV show gig in 2008
  • Why Mandy Musgrave loves the lesbian community
  • Jill Bennett‘s first crush

Watch it now here!


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