Interview With Thea Gill

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the hot mess on here! Networks that is Dante’s Cove, then you’re missing actor Thea Gill in her most recent lesbian role: the mysterious, magic-addicted, maniacal Diana Childs.

Until recently, Gill was best known to gay audiences for her role as Lindsay, one half of the only lesbian couple on Showtime’s Queer as Folk. After Queer as Folk’s fifth and final season, Gill immediately traded in her snow boots for beach sandals and joined the clothing-optional, camptastic boys and girls on Dante’s Cove.

Gill was the recipient of the 2003 National Leadership Award from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and the 2006 Spotlight Award from PFLAG of Washington, D.C. She also happens to be a jazz singer and a MySpace avoider. She didn’t sing for us, but she did admit that it’s time to give in and get her own MySpace page. Congratulations on another season of Dante’s Cove.
Thea Gill: Thank you! I just did a marathon [and] watched all the episodes the other night. I was fascinated by how Diana spiraled into hell. When we were [shooting] it, I was suffering a lot playing her.

AE: Dante’s Cove characters are over-the-top crazy. Or naked. Or both. Diana spiraling into hell makes perfect sense.
It turned out to be quite hilarious.

AE: I can’t wait to see that. Is Diana a lesbian, a bisexual, or does she not label herself?
She’s very attracted to both men and women, but she’s kind of addicted to her mission in Tresum [the magical force in Dante’s Cove], her life as a witch, and putting balance into [the cove]. In the third season, she doesn’t have much time for fooling around. She’s always striving for forces being equalized. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite achieve that.

AE: You say she’s addicted to Tresum?
TG: She has to be. That’s her one calling in her everlasting life.

AE: So no magic sexy time for Diana?
You get a little whisper here or there of who she likes and who she has the hots for, but you don’t really see any heavy, hot action.

I think maybe people are tired of seeing that with me. I’m starting to get too old for that kind of stuff. [laughs] I used to be young and fresh on Queer as Folk and now I’m shriveling up.

AE: There are many people out there who would disagree. Besides, QAF took place in Pittsburgh, but Dante’s Cove residents live on a tropical island and run around, nipples to the wind. Sex is never far from their minds.
[laughs] Yeah, there’s a different climate. In Tennessee Williams’ plays, the heat always plays a big character. The weather is so important to the environment of the story. Definitely the environment, the weather and the location of Dante’s Cove add to the magic and the mystery.

AE: Here are some mysteries I hope you can help us with. Your character, Diana, and Grace [Tracy Scoggins] are unmarried sisters, right? So why is Diana’s last name Childs and Grace’s last name is Neville?
TG: Yes, that’s a very good question.

AE: And why does Grace have a British accent and Diana sounds American?
TG: Oh, another very good question! [laughs] I think there might be a reason — in being disowned by [her] mother, [Diana] took on another identity, one of being the child of [her] father.

AE: You just made that up.
TG: [laughs] And the accent? Well, uh, they’re witches, so they speak in tongues.

AE: Come on.
TG: You’ll see a little bit of an accent come about with Diana in the later episodes. You’ll be wondering why she suddenly adopts an accent.