“Bad Girls” Recaps: Episode 3.12 “Tough Love”


The con: A new inmate cons Nikki with a kiss.

The caretaker: Helen’s still looking out for Nikki, even when it seems like she’s not.
The cheater: Julie S. is emotionally unfaithful to Julie J.

A bad omen — When the episode’s called “Tough Love,” we know we’re in for a tough night. Is that what Helen thinks she’s been doing lately — offering Nikki some sort of tough love? Because it seems like she hasn’t been giving her much of anything, except the cold shoulder.

Still rioting — So yeah, the riot is still going strong. A rather butch inmate (where are all the Larkhall butches, anyway?) is keeping watch near the wing office as Maxi comes by for a status update.

Maxi: How is it?
Butch con: Sod-all going on.
Maxi: Well, shout if they try anything, yeah? [heads for the wing office]
Butch con: Hey! Nikki said not to go in there.
Maxi: Nikki who?

Brat. What kind of a name is Maxi, anyway? I’m resisting the easy joke here.

Her, that’s who — Nikki is still top dog to me, especially when she’s washing her face and wearing her bra. The blonde newbie is also happy to find Ms. Wade so scantily clad — she is waltzing into Nikki’s cell to bring her a morning cuppa. She apologizes for barging in while Nikki is in a state of undress, but she doesn’t exactly avert her gaze.


They drink their tea and try not to look at each other too fondly.

Rifling — Maxi goes right to the filing cabinet in the wing office. Clearly she has some sort of nefarious plan, and apparently it involves prisoner records. Shouldn’t those filing cabinets be locked? Or — just an idea — shouldn’t sensitive information be in some sort of records storage area, rather than in the tea-making break-taking area? Next thing you know, they’ll be giving the prisoners access to pool cues and heavy furniture.

Clothes on, bets off — Nikki and her new admirer (her name is Caroline, and I’m telling you that because I’m too impatient to wait for it to come up organically) have settled onto Nikki’s bunk to enjoy their tea. The inevitable question follows:

Nikki: So, what you in for?
Caroline: Embezzlement.
Nikki: [waits patiently for details]
Caroline: The guy I was with needed money for his software firm. Stop it going under. [nervously, as Nikki continues to wait] I was working for a big travel agent’s … I had access to the accounts, and …

Nikki’s pretty smart, isn’t she? People will fill a void with nonsense rather than sit in silence, so the best thing to do if you want information is just wait. But I guess she’s warming up to Caroline now, or so it seems.