Silence speaks volumes as actors go “Speechless” for writers

How do you get a bunch of actors
to stop talking? Wait, wait: I know this one. Does it involve a pineapple,
a screwdriver and a three-legged dog? Oh, sorry; you weren’t joking?
In all seriousness, the way to get a group of top-flight, big-name actors
to finally stop speaking is to stop giving them scripts. A slew of A-list
actors are appearing in the new Speechless campaign, a collaboration between the striking
members of the Writers Guild of America and members of the Screen Actors

So far 14 black-and-white,
mostly wordless spots have been released, with more on the way. Among
the actors already appearing are Oscar winners like Holly Hunter,
Susan Sarandon
and Sean Penn and TV heavyweights like
America Ferrera, Eva Longoria
and Ed Asner. Even L Word
alums like Rosanna Arquette and Alan Cumming joined in
the silence. Here are some of my favorites so far. (For the entire list,
check the Speechless channel
on Brightcove

The entire cast of Ugly
shows how silence is golden:

Holly Hunter struggles with
an outsourced script doctor:

Laura Linney seeks an intervention:

Kate Beckinsale and David Schwimmer can’t find the words:

So, how effective will the
Marcel Marceau-ing be in settling the writers strike? It’s hard to say, but
the array of talent the WGA aligned for the spots is impressive. Talks
between the writers and producers resumed Monday, and there seems to
be cautious optimism in some camps. So, what do you think
of the spots? And, more important, will they help end the strike?