Elizabeth Berkley joins “CSI: Miami”

CSI: Miami will be graced by a new character in season 6. Elizabeth Berkley has signed on to appear in a recurring role in the popular series.

Name sounds familiar? Well, it should. Remember Saved by the Bell or the 1995 film Showgirls? Come on, you can admit it.

Berkley played Jessica (Jessie) Spano on Saved by the Bell and starred as Naomi Malone in Showgirls. She has also appeared on Diagnosis Murder, Without a Trace, CSI and Law & Order , as well as in two movies in 2007 — Black Widow and Meet Market.

On CSI: Miami, Berkley will play the mother of Horatio’s recently discovered son (Kyle). She had a fling with Horatio for a few months while she was working as a military nurse, before moving away without disclosing to Horatio that she was pregnant. She will make her first appearance in the episode titled “Raising Caine,” which is scheduled to air this month.

CSI: Miami fans, what do you think? Will Berkley be a good addition to the cast?

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