The new year brings more “Serenity”

When the Buffy the Vampire
Season 8 comic
turned out to be so true to the television series — and so
much fun — many

Joss Whedon
fans dared to hope that more of his canceled shows would continue in
graphic form. Angel fans got their wish in November (with mixed reviews) and now comes confirmation that a new Serenity comic will
be published in March 2008.

Serenity: Better Days
is a three-issue series set between the end of Firefly and the
2005 Serenity
feature film —
the same setting as Serenity: Those Left Behind, which was published
in 2005.

The hardcover version of the first series was released in
November as a collectors’ edition, with a new cover by Adam Hughes.
The oversized collection includes pinups from a variety of guest artists
and behind-the-scenes original material developed especially for this
edition. So, take note if you have a Firefly fan on your gift
list. (If you are the Firefly fan on your list, feel free
to print out this post, highlight this paragraph and send it to Santa.)

Better Days
takes a look at the early years of the Firefly crew and how the
gang deals with newfound wealth after they pull off their first successful
heist. The creative team from Those Left Behind returns, with
Brett Matthews
as Whedon’s co-writer, Will Conrad as artist
and Hughes as cover artist.

In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Whedon
explains why the graphic version of Firefly/Serenity is more
of a challenge than Buffy.

“It’s easy with Buffy
in a way because it’s a pop idea, it could have been a comic book before
it was a movie. Serenity doesn’t really lend itself to that in
the same way. You can tell fun, compelling stories about it, but you
have sort of an ensemble drama that you’re making into a comic book,
so you have to find stories that are gonna move in a different rhythm
than Buffy stories.”

Whedon also said he is very
possessive of Serenity.

“If something’s going
to be said about Serenity, it’s going to be said by me. It’s
too close to me still. It’s the child that never got to grow up and
go to college.”

That’s good news for fans,
because it means that even though we might have to wait awhile in between
stories, the ones we do get will be Whedon’s. And that’s
always worth waiting for.

Is a new Serenity comic
series good news for you? What other Whedon stories would you like to
see in graphic form?