Sandra’s Oh-so-happy with “Grey’s”

We knew this year was going
to be tough for the lovely Dr. Cristina Yang.

Her fiancé, Dr. Burke, skipped
town at the end of last season’s Grey’s Anatomy, and we learned
this season that he’s gone for good. Recently, a new complication in
Cristina’s career has appeared in the form of Dr. Burke’s replacement,
Dr. Erica Hahn (Brooke Smith). Not that we object.

Sandra Oh, who plays
Cristina, couldn’t be happier with the story line, according to a recent
interview she did with The Canadian
she was in Toronto to accept the Women in Film and Television’s CTV
International Achievement Award.

“I really think the show
is about women and hopefully it will keep exploring what it’s like to
be a female doctor. I’m hoping their relationship will delve into that.
It’s interesting, whatever’s going on there — it’s a good obstacle for
Cristina, because she’s so driven. What do you do when you’re like Cristina
and suddenly you have a huge obstacle in your path?”

I know what I’m hoping their relationship will delve into. But I digress.

Oh’s comments are an interesting
contrast to a New York Times article earlier this year that opined
that Grey’s is demeaning to women. But Dr. Yang is one of the stronger
characters on the show, gender aside. And I’m glad to see that heartbreak
hasn’t taken away Cristina’s determination to succeed as a surgeon.
Still, Dr. Yang has shown a bit more heart this year, especially in
the last episode when she gave some encouragement to Lexie (Chyler Leigh) after a particularly hard day. I
hope we get to see more of the soft side of Cristina, even though warmth
obviously makes her uncomfortable.

Oh also has some strong opinions
about a different kind of Grey’s obstacle — the writers’ strike.

“We get the point. We’re
like: ‘Absolutely you have to strike.’ This is the most important industry
strike ever. It speaks tremendously to how the media is run globally
now, and the rights of thousands and thousands of workers. I am really
hoping that the producers come to the table and are fair to the writers.”

That, unfortunately, has not happened. Oh and the rest of the Grey’s cast
regularly walk the picket line in support of the writers.



Personally, I think Grey’s
is better this year after some missteps last season. Hopefully,
when the strike is settled, we’ll see the momentum continue. And in
the meantime, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the writers have something
planned for Cristina Yang that will make me smile as much as this picture