“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

In the closet — The next morning, Toby and Adam go looking for Michelle and find her room abandoned, but still a shambles. As they walk around the litter, Toby hears a noise coming from the closet. He opens the door and both are overwhelmed with the stench of prairie skirts and gingham tops.

Adam gags for a moment and then suddenly lunges at Toby. “Adam! Adam, it’s Toby!” Toby cries as best he can with Adam’s hand around his throat. He pushes his boyfriend back, sending Adam stumbling backwards into the closet.

An unseen force among the halter tops and wedge sandals sucks Adam deeper into the closet as he struggles to break free.

Toby desperately tries to pull Adam out, but he too is almost sucked into the hellhole of discount fashion. He manages to hang onto the doorframe and, using all his might, breaks free, but it’s too late for Adam. He’s gone; another victim of the closet. The door slams violently shut.

Dante’s inferno — Elsewhere on the island, Kevin watches in horror as his beloved paradise de-evolves into a war zone. The tourists are dropping like flies and the island’s only Whole Foods is on fire.

Oh, the humanity!

He runs to tell Trevor and Grace the devastating news.

Kevin: Hey, hey, hey, hey! Have you seen what’s going on out there? This whole town’s gone crazy! I barely made it out of there alive! You need another Tresum master!
Grace: Oh, you know one? A real one?
Kevin: I’m real!
Grace: Oh, puh-leese. You dipped your toes in the shallows, boy. Don’t pretend you’re ready to swim with the sharks.

Before Kevin can retort, “I’m rubber, you’re glue,” Toby comes running up to everyone holding his head in agony. Grace recognizes a massive House of Shadows migraine when she sees one and warns the guys to stay back.

The Shadows are trying to take over Toby’s mind. Grace says simply, “It’s safer just to kill him,” and starts a death incantation. Trevor and Kevin turn and look at Grace like she’s lost her damn mind. “What?!” they exclaim in unison.

Kevin breaks through the barrack that is Grace’s tiny arm. He places his hand on Toby’s head and does a spell of his own. It sounds like Kevin says, “Sever the wasp from under the sink. Bleach the poison from its womb!” I’m pretty sure that’s not how the spell goes but Kevin mumbles when he chants. Does it really matter?

Toby falls back. The pain is gone. Grace says off-handedly, “Maybe he has some skill after all.” Hilarious.

Finally able to speak, Toby tells the gang the Shadows got to Adam and he’s lost in the closet.