“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

Life during wartime — Moments later, Toby is relaxing comfortably in the living room-cum-infirmary where Elena is still pretending to be unconscious, when really, she’s just had enough of all the gay drama.

Nobody is happy with Grace’s kill-or-be-killed tactics.

Kevin: [to Grace] You were trying to kill him.
Grace: He was infected. I was protecting all of us [to Kevin], you included. Cut off the gangrenous foot before it kills the leg.
Trevor: That is so cold.
Kevin: Remind me to never ask you for any help.

Grace reminds the bleeding hearts this enemy won’t hesitate to take out any one of them. Mercy is for losers.

Kevin: That works great for you. You don’t have anyone else to care about.

There goes Kevin again; all in the sauce and don’t know the flavor.

Ambrosius strolls in with his Sun Book and apologizes to Grace. She was right, he was wrong. Did you feel that? Hell just froze over.

Bro tells everyone that Diana is lost to the Shadows. She’s out to get Grace and everyone else for that matter, and oh, by the way, H2Eau is hiring.

Grace fears the worst and suggests they all retreat to Griff’s house, the best Tresum stronghold against the Shadows. Besides, Griff has the entire Six Feet Under series on DVD and an awesome pool table.

Brit nixes the idea of waking Elena up.

Brit: No. I won’t move Elena.
Grace: Death would be merciful, compared to what’s in store if we stay.
Bro: Like it or not, we’re in this together. All of us.

Egads, Bro and Grace working on the same team? Toby helping to rescue Adam, his rival for Toby’s affections and home cooking? This kind of cooperation doesn’t seem natural. What next? Monkeys washing cats?

Random acts of violence — Diana is still out there, wandering the island and muttering to herself like a crazy homeless lady. Michelle watches from behind a tree as two shirtless men approach Diana and ask if H2Eau is open for business. Diana touches one of the men’s bare arms and keeps walking, a mysterious smile frozen on her lips.

Instantly, the man turns to his friend and pummels him to a bloody pulp. Michelle runs away in alarm at the gay-on-gay violence.

Griff’s fortress — Brit drives everyone over to Griff’s house in her dykey pickup truck, with Toby, Kevin, Trevor and Bro riding in the back like four hillbillies on their way to a gay barn dance.

Brit and Trevor carry Elena inside and put her on the bed while Toby and Kevin bring the briny prison of wood, otherwise known as Brit’s box, into the living room.