“Dante’s Cove” Recaps: Episode 3.5 “Naked in the Dark”

I’ll show you — Kevin is dismissed by being told to go put up some more watchman berries. He grumbles they’ll never see he’s the strong one when Trevor, now naked and lubed up, appears at the glass doors. The House of Shadows took his clothes. Why? Who knows.

“The others don’t respect you,” Trevor says, egging Kevin on. But Trevor’s words are mere echoes. Under the cover of a dark canopy of trees, Diana intones the words she speaks to Kevin through Trevor while his ass glistens in the moonlight.

Trevor: You’re so beautiful and free — it terrifies them.
Kevin: I’m not afraid of you.
Trevor: Why would you be? You’re more powerful than all three. They tremble behind berries while only you are brave enough to face me.
Kevin: I can destroy you.
Trevor: I know you can. You can save them all — they’d respect you then. Power ripples through your body; every muscle pulses with it.

Oh geez, Diana. Put the trowel away. No one’s dumb enough to fall for crap that thick.

Kevin opens the door and lets Trevor in, who promptly grabs him. I stand corrected.

The next thing anyone knows, Kevin is out on the front lawn, confronting Diana alone. From the window, the rest of the gang watches in alarm as he tries to take on the Shadow Queen with a few fireballs. Her trick worked, if only on the silly boy named Kevin. Tricks are for kids.

Diana takes Kevin’s cute fireball and hurls it back at him with great force and a wicked spin.

She laughs manically and, in a new and inexplicable German accent, tells Kevin she “vas counting on” his arrogance.

Diana: Such a sad little boy you are. Oh, how I relish picking you off, von by von. Come out, come out, vherever you are.
Grace: [watching from the window] Oh, not even Kevin deserves this.

No one does, honey.

Diana easily sucks all the power out of Kevin, and he starts rolling around on the lawn. She dances alone in the dark, waiting for her next victim.

The longer he watches his soul mate suffer, the more Bro is tempted by Diana’s trap; he wants to run out and rescue Kevin from Diana’s wrath — and whatever dog poo he may be rolling on in the grass.

Grace: Let him go, Ambrosius.
Bro: I can’t. I love him. I don’t expect you to understand.
Toby: I’ll go with you then.
Bro: No. Without powers, you’d only be another sacrifice; she’d only get stronger.

Griff and Grace know it’s a trick, so they decide they should all go outside. Sure, why not!

While Bro struggles to bring Kevin to his feet, Griff tries to distract Diana with some firepower of his own.

As Grace chants, he sends a screaming blue flame her way.

It’s enough to extinguish Diana’s fingertips. She looks down at them, wondering if they’re out of lighter fluid. Bro takes the lull as his chance to get Kevin back in the house, behind the kind of protection that only a few magic berries can provide.