No Golden Globes this year

Well, it’s official: The Golden Globe Awards have been canceled. Not the awards themselves, actually, but the glitzy, slightly drunken broadcast.

Because of the writers’ strike (and SAG’s pledge not to cross picket lines), NBC decided to ax the broadcast and hold a press conference instead. Woo hoo, press conference! Best party of the year!

To me, that’s the funniest thing about the news coverage thus far: concerns about the parties. Even The New York Times wonders whether the after-awards parties will go on. I don’t think anyone’s protesting a party. Unless you count me and the party that popped up outside my building last night while I was trying to finish the L Word recap.

Anyway, like Siege, I was looking forward to seeing Tina Fey on the awards show.

And maybe Ellen Page too.

The Golden Globes press conference will still be broadcast on NBC on Sunday, Jan. 13. Now we’ll just have to hope the strike is resolved before the Academy Awards broadcast, slated for Feb. 24.