Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (January 11, 2008)

This week Bravo announced that openly lesbian hairstylist Tabatha Coffey, who made it through six episodes of last year’s Shear Genius, will star in her own reality pilot, tentatively titled Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, in which she travels around the United States to make over hair salons.

According to the press release:

In the series, the perfectly styled, sharp-tongued Australian native brings her no-nonsense approach to a salon in dire need of a makeover. With just a week to work her magic, can she put these salons back on their feet or is it simply time to put up the closed signs for good?Viewers will get to see Tabatha’s distinct personality as she casts her acerbic eye on the salons she chooses to visit. Viewers will meet the salon owner and his/her stylists and will follow Tabatha as she formulates her plans to takeover these salons, remake them and bring the shops and their staff into the 21st century.

Since the show is still in the pilot stage, Bravo is inviting salon owners to apply to have their shops made over; you can visit for more info.

You know what this means? A lesbian is now officially a makeover and style guru. Does that mean the stereotype of the frumpy, flannel-wearing diesel dyke has been put to rest? Stay tuned to find out.

On Tuesday night, Ellen DeGeneres took home two People’s Choice Awards, for Favorite Talk Show Host and Favorite Funny Female Star. Ellen has won both of these awards every year since 2005, and even if the People’s Choice Awards aren’t exactly the Oscars, maintaining her popularity for so long — especially while in an increasingly public relationship with girlfriend Portia de Rossi — is kind of incredible. Go American masses!

At this point I would normally show you a picture of Ellen and Portia at the People’s Choice Awards, but because of the Writers Guild strike, there was no red carpet this year. No actors would have crossed the picket lines, so the awards were retooled into a two-hour taped show hosted by Queen Latifah on CBS. That translated into half the number of viewers than last year.

So here’s a pretty picture of Ellen and Portia from the Emmy Awards last September:

Ellen’s latest two awards just go to show that getting weepy on television isn’t necessarily a bad thing — it can even help to make you a winner.