Loken and Glau stop by the L.A. Comic and Sci-Fi Con

Have you ever had that dream where it’s
the future but it’s not the future — like, everything kinda
looks the same but somehow you know anyway that it’s the future — and
you’re standing there enjoying a fruit smoothie and all of a sudden
Kristanna Loken
as a Terminator and Summer Glau as a Terminator
both come around the corner and you’re all, like, “Oh no!” but
it’s OK because they’re fighting each other? But you’re
kinda freaked out anyway and you don’t want to get hurt, so you run
into this muffler shop that’s nearby but when you get inside it turns
into some kind of Ye Olde Inne and Saloon and Charles Barkley

is there playing the piano? And you look outside and the Terminators
have spotted you and they’ve decided they want to fight you and they
start running towards the muffler shop/Ye Olde Inn and Saloon so you
hide behind the counter, but there’s this midget there who’s dressed
up like Where’s Waldo (except that he’s also wearing a vest)
and he’s totally looking at you with eeeeevil intent and he’s
holding a knife? So you decide that you’d rather take your chances
with Kristanna Loken and Summer Glau (Terminators or not) than with
a murderous midget dressed up like Where’s Waldo so you go
back outside … and when you get outside it’s snowing and the Terminators
are making out and then a unicorn comes along and offers you some gum
and then you wake up?

Well, if you’ve ever had that dream,
then there’s a chance that your dream could come true this Sunday
at the Los Angeles Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention! Yes, folks, on the 13th, Summer Glau
and Kristanna Loken (along with Leelee Sobieski) will be making
an appearance and signing autographs at the fabulous Shrine Auditorium
Expo Center. If my dreams mean anything — and I think they do
then there’ll be Terminators fighting and making out everywhere.

What? It’s totally possible.
This one time I had a dream about my car breaking down and then 8 months
later it happened! That’s not just a coincidence.