“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

The double date for dinner — Bette is trying to figure out why Tasha wasn’t given a reason for the delay in deployment. Tasha just tries to avoid the question.

Alice: [under her breath] You can trust them.
Tasha: Don’t.

Bette suddenly sees Phyllis and Joyce elsewhere in the restaurant. Jodi can tell from their body language that Phyllis is trying to break up with Joyce, right this very minute. Joyce is doing her best to talk her way out of it, or rather, back into it.

The wedding reception — Everywhere Shane looks, there’s a woman motioning to her or blowing kisses. She tries to focus her attention on Tina and asks her whether she sees anyone she likes.

Tina: Are you kidding me? This has gotta be the straightest wedding on earth. No lesbian’s ever gonna get laid here.
Shane: Yeah, probably.

They go to the bar and are ambushed by Jenny, who reveals that Shane is more than welcome to “do hair on the movie.” Adele shows up with Jenny’s very generous wedding gift, plus a slice of cake for Jenny.

Jenny: [grimacing, after a bite of cake] I don’t like that.

This makes twice in one episode that I’ve rewound to laugh at Jenny! I love the way she took her gum out of her mouth, took the bite of cake, and then put her gum back in her mouth, ever so daintily.

Gina shows up and asks Shane to dance. Shane beats a hasty retreat to the ladies’ room, but not in that prurient Planet way.

The double date drags on — Jodi and Bette are kissing. Naturally, it makes Tasha nervous, so Alice tells them to cool it. They are nonplussed.

Alice: [to Tasha] This is really stupid. We should just tell them; they’re our friends.
Bette: Tell us what?
Alice: Tasha’s being held back because she’s being investigated for homosexual conduct.
Bette: You’re f—ing kidding me.
Alice: And she has to keep a low profile, so if you could just lay off the PDA …

Jodi and Bette are apologetic and awkward. Tasha storms off, so of course Alice follows.

Tasha: Alice, it’s my life. I determine when and if people will know.
Alice: They’re not just people. They’re my friends. You can trust them.
Tasha: It’s not them I’m worried about.

Whoa. Alice says she doesn’t deserve that, and Tasha apologizes. She explains that she doesn’t want to have to talk about it or hear everyone’s opinion of it.

Alice: Listen. I’m just having a hard time understanding why you want to be part of an institution that hates who you are. OK? I’m struggling with that. But I know how important this is to you, and I know this is everything to you. And you’re everything to me, and I’m just trying to stand here by you.

They make up, but it still feels really tense. Who will win this tug of war: love or duty? (Cue Liz Lemon making an immature comment about doody.)