“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

An uneasy peace — Helena notices that Dusty has Dorothy Dandridge pictures by her bunk. They bond over Carmen Jones. Then Helena voices the question that’s hanging in the air between them.

Helena: Earlier, when you said I was “with you” —
Dusty: Doesn’t mean I want anything.
Helena: Oh.

But what if Helena wants to give something?

Another uneasy peace — Phyllis and a very tipsy Joyce have taken Alice and Tasha’s places at the table with Jodi and Bette. That’s fine with Alice and Tasha; they’re taking off. Jodi apologizes once more for the PDA.

Phyllis sends Joyce to the bar for another glass of wine, then hisses “Help me!” as soon as she’s gone. Bette looks like she wants to flee.

Can we pause for a moment to talk about their hair? A That Girl flip and a
Fergie crimp. Next time, can you please go for a Laverne pin curl and a Lita Ford mane?

An uneasy dance — Jenny and William dance at the wedding and talk about the impact their film will have on the whole entire world. Nearby, Tina finds such talk nauseating, but Adele finds it inspiring. Tina takes that as her cue to leave.

Uneasy negotiations — Bette wants to go home; particularly, her home, because she has to work tomorrow. Jodi says that’s not the real reason — she knows Bette doesn’t like her place and finds it too “funky.” Bette capitulates: “Fine, we’ll go back to your place.” Jodi enjoys her little victory. Are these two doomed or what?

As they all leave the restaurant, Phyllis tells Bette she doesn’t know what to do; she has already broken up with Joyce.

Bette: Do it again, Phyllis. Some lesbians you have to break up with more than once.

She says this like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Only this time, it’s hilarious rather than heartbreaking.

The implosion begins — At the wedding reception, Gina wants Shane. Abigail wants Shane. Shane wants to flee. That’s kind of going around, isn’t it?

A restless night — Dusty is having a bad dream. She’s thrashing and grunting, which certainly gets Helena’s attention. When Helena tries to comfort her, Dusty pulls her into a headlock, but then comes to her senses.

And then Helena leans in for a kiss, and it gets very hot very quickly. Dusty pushes Helena up against the window, and they’re off — almost. First, Helena has to clear up those nagging thoughts of homicide.

Helena: Did somebody frame you?
Dusty: Nobody framed me.
Helena: [gasping and writhing] I’m sure, whatever it was, you didn’t mean to kill anyone.
Dusty: I haven’t killed anybody!
Helena: You didn’t?
Dusty: It was tax fraud.
Helena: Oh! Oh. Oh …

Funny and sexy. My kind of couple. By the way, I did spend a little time with my Season 1 DVDs, trying to figure out whether this is the same cell in which Bette had her wallgasm. But I don’t think so. What do we call this one … a windowgasm?