“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

Caught — Shane is on her way out, away from all the wedding Shane-anigans. She almost makes it, but then a butler arrives: Mrs. Hasley requests the honor of her presence.

Meanwhile, in the valet line, Jenny asks Adele to be her assistant. They embrace, united by their love of Jenny Schecter.

Adele: You don’t even know how much I want to be your assistant!
Jenny: Do you?
Adele: Yes!
Jenny: Oh, yes!

Jeez. I’m calling that a doppelgasm.

The inevitable — Shane finds Mrs. Hasley. At first, all she sees is a stockinged leg:

Wait; I think I’ve seen this movie. Hello, Mrs. Robinson. Things proceed pretty much as you’d expect them to.

Including this: Just as things get hot and heavy between Shane and the lady of the house, the girls of the house go looking for Shane. They hear sighing and moaning and barge right into the room. It could be a screwball comedy sort of moment, but it’s more like a flatline.

Abigail: Mother!
Gina: Shane!
Abigail (and me): Eww!

As they argue, Shane grabs her jacket and makes a run for it. They chase her out the door. She tries to find her keys, but to no avail. Jenny and her Porsche happen to be passing by, so Shane hops in, hollering, “Drive, drive!”

Wait, haven’t I seen this movie too? I’m so gonna ask for a refund. And maybe I’ll even try to get a free refill of this giant bucket of cinematic cheese I’ve choked down.

Next time on The L Word: Shane gives up sex; Tina seeks it out; Mama Peabody is back; Kit stares down the barrel of a gun.

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