“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

A swanky, tree-lined drive — There’s Shane’s Jeep. She’s on some very expensive grounds. We hear her on the phone via voiceover and learn that these digs belong to William Hasley, the film financier. Shane tells Jenny she’d be happy to work on the film, but “we’ll see how today goes.” Shane and Jenny’s friendship is nice, don’t you think? It’s refreshing and not at all brain-scrambling, which is saying a lot.

The music, by the way, is “Gatecrasher” by Ping Pong Bitches. That’s fitting: Even when Shane is invited, she’s a gatecrasher.

For a brief, weird moment, I think I see Lara the “soup chef” in a catering getup. Maybe that’s because this gate Shane is crashing reminds me of Dana’s country club. But that’s probably just me grieving again.

It also reminds me of Cherie Jaffe’s manse. Is there something I can take for my déjà vu this season — like Dramamine for recycled drama?

The woman who answers the door is also rather Cherie Jaffe–esque, in the way that she’s rich, married (yeah, she’s William Hasley’s wife) and vaguely dissatisfied. And in the way Shane looks at her ass while saying, “You’ve got a really nice place.” That innocuous pleasantry has never sounded so dirty. And Mrs. Hasley has no trouble reading between the lines.

Mrs. Hasley: I’m glad you like it.
Shane: [huskily] I do.

Mrs. Hasley shows Shane to a room awash in femininity. Three young women are lounging in slips and silky robes, primping and sighing and gazing at themselves in mirrors. It’s like Shane is suddenly the hairdresser for a small-scale Ziegfeld Follies.

Introductions are made: there’s Madison, the bride; Abigail, her sister and the maid of honor; and Gina, her other sister and a bridesmaid. (At first I thought there was an “early America” theme there, but I can’t think of a first lady or president named Gina. They should have named that daughter Dolley or Martha or Lucretia.) All three of them are instantly charmed by Shane, who is indeed looking rather dashing. I guess, after four seasons of being last in line when they handed out the hairdos, she traded places with Beals this year.

Mrs. Hasley says the photographer will arrive in two and a half hours, and she hopes that’s enough time.

Shane: That’ll be plenty.
Mrs. Hasley: Oh, great, ’cause I’m gonna need you to do me when you’re finished with them.

Did I say something about the Follies? Well, something just kicked me, but I think it might have been an unsubtle story line rather than a great gam.