“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

Brothers in arms — On the Army base, Tasha stops by the office of a friend. At least, he seems like a friend, until she explains why she’s there:

Tasha: I’m seeking counsel. I’ve been told I’m under investigation.
Captain Beech: Do you know the nature of the complaint?
Tasha: Well, I haven’t been formally notified, but I believe I’m being investigated for homosexual conduct.

Beech says he hasn’t been detailed to her case, but even if he had been, I don’t think he’d want to help. Tasha sits down and presses him for some advice.

Beech: My best advice to you is to mind your P’s and Q’s and think about whether or not you want to stay in the service.
Tasha: I don’t have to think about that. I’ve dedicated my life to the military.

Beech: I’m sure you have. But allegations like this are almost impossible to disprove, mostly because they end up being true. And once they’re out, the military doesn’t want you anymore. Which is understandable, don’t you think?

Sir, no, sir!

Tom learns the truth — Tom finally gets the chance to point out “the beautiful boy with the crystal blue eyes.”

Alice: Max?!
Tom: He’s gay, right? Please tell me he’s gay.

Alice laughs, making Tom think there’s something wrong with Max. Bette says Max is very nice.

Alice: Yeah. He’s-sh-he’s just … he’s not gay. Anymore.

Tom and Jodi are both perplexed — so perplexed, they look like they’re about to pop something.

Alice: He used to be a lesbian.
Bette: He’s a trans man.

Wait. I feel weird; why is this being presented as funny? When did Max become a punch line? I’m looking at you, Alice: I would expect less chortling from a woman who once dated Lisa the Lesbian Man. At least Bette seems to eventually go into academic mode and state the facts plainly. Tom just says, “Oh, my God, I had no idea.”

Another fish out of water — Max asks Kit about “that girl over there.”

Kit: The one that’s been sitting there for three days in the same ole clothes?

I love it when Pam Grier tries to really do something with a line — as if she’s thinking, “By God, if I’m finally gonna get to talk, I’m gonna inflect, dammit.”

Max points out that the “girl” is reading a book that looks awfully familiar. Her glasses look familiar, too.

The book is all the encouragement Kit needs; she strolls right over to say hello. She asks the bookworm if she wants anything else.

Bookworm: I can’t really afford anything else.

Kit says she knows the prices are high, and offers her a slice of the pear polenta tart “on me.” Pear polenta tart? I remember that. Marina was still on the show — what a different Planet it was.

But Kit doesn’t rush off to get the tart, even though the girl says she’s starving.

Kit: So, how’s the book?
Bookworm: Some of Her Parts? It’s, like, my fifth time reading it. Jennifer Schecter is my favorite author.

Kit directs the bookworm’s attention to Max, saying, “He lives with her.” The bookworm freaks, of course, so Kit takes her over to meet him.

Kit: Max, Max — uh, what was your name again?
Bookworm: Adele. Adele Ch-channing. Hi.

Channing. Gee, I wonder if her middle name is Margo?

Take two — Gina’s hair has been messed up. By Gina. Help the poor defenseless maiden, Shane!