“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

The whirling dervish — Jenny arrives at the Planet, jumps right to the front of the line and orders a medium triple soy cappuccino with three pumps of vanilla. (What do you know? That was her drink last season, too!) Kit tries to say hello, but all she gets in reply is a litany of Jenny’s woes, which range from no assistant to no satin shoes. Kit shushes her and scoots her over to Adele and Max.

Adele: Oh, my God! I can’t believe I’m meeting you.
Jenny: You are! It’s great. You’ve met me.

Jenny holds out her hand like a queen offering her ring for a loyal subject to kiss.

Adele opts to shake her hand instead. Jenny’s already had enough of this fan stuff, which surprises me — I’d expect her to embrace every sycophant who crosses her path. I guess she’s not interested in the Some of Her Parts version of herself anymore.

And Adele really is Jenny’s No. 1 fan: She even adapted Thus Spoke Sarah Schuster as a screenplay for her women’s studies class. This seems to make Jenny see her as a threat, or maybe just as an amusing trifle.

At least her hair is tidy now — Gina is riding Shane. And then she starts to cry. Who said that thing about lesbians and “the crying after sex” — was that Lizzie the Lezzy? It was very insightful.

Gina reveals that the married man she had a fling with will be at the wedding; she wants him to see her with Shane.

Gina: Don’t leave me.

Out of the Wax fire and into the bridal-party frying pan. Poor Shane. All those episodes and still no evolution!

Another match made in heaven — Joyce surprises Phyllis at her office, a big bouquet of flowers in her arms. Joyce! I fear my crush on you is careening out of control.

Phyllis isn’t so taken with her, though; she asks Joyce to sit down, sounding very much like an administrator and nothing like a lover.

Joyce: What is it, Phyllis? What’s on your mind?

She is the queen (or is that king?) of comedic expressions.

Phyllis: This is hard.
Joyce: Well, whatever it is, just say it.

This reminds me of Jackie Woodman in that very special gay episode: “Well, whatever it is, don’t tell me.”

Joyce: Phyllis, look. I know you just got out of a 30-year marriage, and if you need to take a little more time, just take it. I’m not going anywhere.
Phyllis: So you’re OK with me seeing other people?
Joyce: What?! No, no no no no no. That’s not what I mean.

For one terrible moment, Joyce thinks Phyllis is already seeing someone. And then she’s even more horrified when Phyllis reveals that she’s not seeing anyone yet, but she has someone in mind, and she’s a friend of a friend of Joyce’s.

Joyce: And you met her at that party I threw for you!

Again with the hilarious face. Jane Lynch is so animated, it’s almost like she’s actually animated.

Phyllis: I’m so sorry, Joyce.
Joyce: [sarcastically] Thank you! [collecting herself] Phyllis, you’re being rash. Very rash. I’m gonna leave now and give you some time to think about your actions so you don’t do something you will regret later.

And she clomps out the door, somehow cool and goofy at the same time.