“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.2 “Look Out, Here They Come!”

Tasha tells and Alice asks — In Alice’s apartment, Tasha is telling Alice about Beech, the homophobic Army lawyer. He made her feel like she has a disease.

Alice: Well, you know what? The good thing is, you know where he stands, and now you can go get yourself a lawyer that’s not in the military. Right?
Tasha: I can’t afford a civilian attorney.
Alice: Let me help you, Tash.
Tasha: And I don’t want a civilian attorney.

Yeah. It’d be better to go with a Martian attorney, because he or she might be able to make sense of the proceedings. I kinda doubt they’ll have much to do with Earth law.

Alice tries to be encouraging, but she’s on shaky ground.

Alice: You can win this. And I don’t even know why the Army tries to keep gays out of the military anyway.
Tasha: I’m not fighting to allow gays to serve openly in the military.

No? Uh, why not?

Tasha: I’m not even trying to overturn “don’t ask, don’t tell.” That’s not gonna happen right now.
Alice: Then what are you fighting for?
Tasha: I’m fighting to stay in the military.

Yeah? Uh, why?

Tasha: I’ve worked my whole life for this, Alice.
Alice: So you’ve worked your whole life to just deny who you are.

I know that’s not fair, and I know Alice and I don’t have the first clue about this stuff, having never been in the military ourselves. But I find myself nodding my head anyway.

Alice: I’m sorry, Tasha. I’m really just gonna have to … adjust my thinking on this one. I’m on your side, though. I am.

Tasha’s not so sure.

The wedding — The flower girls are strewing flowers. The groom is smiling. The maid of honor and bridesmaid are glowing. (And possibly a little sweaty.) The guests are ready. And as the opening strains of the wedding march float out into the fragrant air, guess who makes her grand entrance?

Jenny finds a seat next to Tina, knocking off a woman’s hat on the way. Snicker.

Jenny: [whispering] I’m so sorry that I’m late.
Tina: [sarcastically] Yeah, we were all waiting.
Jenny: [still whispering] Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you wait.
Tina: Nice dress.
Jenny: Thanks, Tina.

Oh, Jenny. I rewound that a few times because it was just so perfect. As the We’re Getting Nowhere crew and Sarah and Lori have noted, Mia Kirshner is truly gifted. Somehow she finds a way to spin gold from the straw the writers keep shoveling at her.