Live-blogging the Xena Convention: Sunday, part 1

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Lucy Lawless gave her second in a weekend of sold-out concerts at LA’s Roxy Theater last night. She sang the same set of rock favorites with some country flavoring thrown in, and goofed around with Xena co-star Renee O’Connor after a repeat of their duet on "Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around."

Lucy jazzed things up a bit Saturday with a pair of glitter chaps. Lucy in chaps is one of the seven wonders of my personal world, so it was worth the trek to Hollywood in one of the worst rainstorms in recent Southern California memory, even without another of the wonders of the world: Renee O’Connor. Dancing in a purple suede fringed dress.

There may be no limit to the amount of rain I’m willing to put up with for this:

The night before, Lucy read prepared fan questions for "Dear Gabby" to Renee, and tonight the tables were turned. "Dear Xena," read Renee to Lucy, "When you think of your best friend, what images do you see?"

"All those notorious hot tub moments," Lucy replied.

Which they, as well as the audience, found very amusing.

I do need to make a correction on the name of the MC,which is not Kat Crimmins, as the marquee at the Roxy said, but rather Cat Crimins. And yes, she plays for our team, and wished her girlfriend a happy one-year anniversary last night. Awwwww.

This afternoon at the convention we’ll hear again from writer/produder Steven Sears, and then Lucy’s XWP stunt double, the amazing Zoe Bell — followed by a stunt show. We’ll be there, and that means so will you. See you then!