Ms. Snarker’s cures for the January blahs

Think back: Were you feeling
particularly down two Mondays ago? It’s proven scientific fact, or
at least a well-publicized theory, that the third Monday of January is the most depressing
day of the year
aptly dubbed Blue Monday by Cardiff University researcher Dr. Cliff
Arnall. But here in the States, Jan. 21 fell on a holiday,
and you can’t really be sad when you’re being paid to not work.
So for me, yesterday was Blue Monday. It could have been the nonstop
drizzle, or perhaps it was the holiday credit card bills that arrived
and made me rethink the role of my internal organs. I mean, I have two
kidneys when one could suffice. Perhaps it’s time that freeloader
starts earning its years of room and board.

But instead of wallowing in
my self-pity or Googling black-market kidney buyers, I decided to cheer
myself up the old-fashioned way. No, not with a whole cheesecake and
bottle of pinot. Instead I went with my favorite music, movies and TV
shows. These old standbys are guaranteed to put a smile on, at the
very least, my face.

Album: Ani DiFranco,

Now, I realize this selection
seems counter-intuitive. Right now you’re all, “Uh, Ms. Snarker,
that’s, like, an angry breakup album filled with personal demons and
unrelenting angst.” True, true. But it’s also got some of the best
F-you songs on the planet, not to mention some of the best music to
sing to at full volume in the car, windows up or down because you are
a righteous babe and don’t care who knows it. And if all else fails,
just fast-forward to “Joyful Girl.”


Finding Nemo

Yes, I am a grown woman. No,
I am not ashamed to watch an animated children’s film about talking
fish. You got a problem with that? My sister and I have been known to
jokingly scream, “Find a happy place,
find a happy place, find a happy place!

at each other over the phone when we’re stressed. And you know what?
It works. Also, you cannot deny the cuteness that is Ellen DeGeneres
as Dory. It simply can’t be done. I mean, the woman speaks whale.

TV Show:
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Nothing slays your blues (oh,
the puns; clearly I’m feeling better already) like some good old-fashioned
demon-dusting. Something about Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles staking
vamps and cracking jokes just makes everything seem right with the world.
Heck, let’s all snuggle up and watch a whole episode together in our
jammies. I’ll bring the popcorn, you bring the holy water.

And, well, if all else fails,
I just put this clip on loop, sit back and enjoy. It’s got pockets,
are you into that?

So, what are your guaranteed
blues busters? And who else wants Liz Lemon’s pajamas?