Best. Lesbian. Week. Ever. (February 1, 2008)

Last weekend, I attended the Hollywood screening of the new lesbian web series 3Way with a bunch of folks, including Dara Nai, Bridget McManus, Cathy DeBuono, Sarah Warn and Lori Grant and, of course, Jill Bennett:

The 3Way cast was (unintentionally) color-coordinated and looked very hot in all that red.

There were lots of celebrities at the premiere, from favorites such as Christina Cox (Blood Ties, Better Than Chocolate), Mandy Musgrave and Gabrielle Christian (South of Nowhere), to women I’d never met but always wanted to, such as Kelly Hu — the hot mutant assassin in X2 — and Kristy Swanson, who played the first Buffy Summers in the campy movie version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

But the best part of the evening? Sarah made the mistake of giving Bridget and me a microphone and camera and then setting us loose among the celebrities.

Which means she has only herself to blame for what happened next.

Yes, spankings occurred and a marriage proposal was made. It’s true, I did offer to give Kelly Hu lessons in Lesbian 101, and Bridget did incite an argument between Mandy, Jill and Cathy Shim over who would sleep with whom. Also, Bridget described her kissing technique in detail, we played a naughty word-association game with the entire cast of South of Nowhere, and everyone flirted with everyone else pretty much the whole time.

But really, would you expect anything different from one-third of “The Terrible Three” and the woman who shoots her vlog with a different woman in her bed each week?

Watch it here now — because you’ll never see celebrity party coverage like this on E! or Entertainment Tonight! at the 3Way premiere:

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And before you ask: no, there’s not actually a contest to win a three-way with Bridget and Jill. (Dammit!) Sarah still makes us adhere to some standards.

Now, on to our last bit of 3Way news: Even though the first episode doesn’t officially launch until Monday, the 3Way folks have just posted the first “confessional,” which we’re bringing to you live right here!

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