Super Bowl ads: You paid $2.7 million for that?

The one time of the year we
don’t get up to use the bathroom during commercial breaks has come
and gone, and it’s time to assess whether our impending bladder infections
were worth it. In short, never mind the game: How about them Super Bowl

If you like cute animals, disembodied
hearts and a nearly naked Angelina Jolie, it was probably a good night
for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the more female- (and fauna-) centered spots
from the broadcast and my picks for the best, most boring and just plain
bad ads.

The Best

What’s better than talking animals? Screaming animals. I didn’t
say my taste was all highbrow. P.S. Does anyone else think this squirrel
is related to the famous Dramatic Prairie



Maybe I had too much of their product beforehand, but the whole “Rocky
of the animal kingdom” thing worked for me.




Finally, a way to get me to watch the Macy’s Day parade. Is it wrong
that I was rooting for Stewie to beat Underdog? Though, in the end,
the best balloon won.




Behold Angelina Jolie’s naked tattooed back. That is all.



The Boring

SoBe Life Water:
Even without Naomi Campbell, the Filipino prison
did it




You’d think the meeting of pop icons and pop art would be interesting.
You’d think wrong.



Victoria’s Secret:

Look, I appreciate the simplicity and — heaven knows — I’m in favor
of supermodels in lingerie, but since no one watching really has
Adriana Lima
waiting at home for her, it’s also kind of cruel.



The Bad

(Note: These are so bad, I’m
not even going to post the clips. They don’t deserve any more return
on their investment.)
The perennial in-bad-taste winner used its ad to tell people to watch
its banned ad online. Don’t do it. I did so you don’t have to. Danica
Patrick, seriously, you can’t be that hard up for cash.
Fake accents aren’t funny. Neither are Asian stereotypes. Just ask Rosie O’Donnell. The company’s other ad featured
an Indian salesman with “seven kids” to feed. I believe we have
a winner in the Offensive Ad Bowl 2008.


Bonus: The
I can’t decide whether this ad is clever or creepy. Though, it does
give new meaning to the saying, “You ripped my heart out.”



So, any I missed? Or any I
missed the mark on? And did anyone else enjoy watching Lena Headey
in all the Terminator: The
Sarah Connor Chronicles

promos almost more than the game itself?