We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.5

Can you say "party"? That’s what this week’s episode of The L Word was all about for us. Yes, we know that Alice became a celezbrity when she appeared on CrossFireBall to defend her outing of that homophobic basketball player. And we know that Max turned up some surprising information about Adele’s sketchy past. We also know that Shane and Cindi enjoyed some afternoon delight that would come back to haunt them both.

But for us, it was all just filler that led up to a wonderfully out-of-control party at Jenny and Shane’s house. The fact that the party was crashed by our new favorite L Word character, Dawn Denbo (and her lover, Cindi) only made it better. After all, it’s not a party until someone spills her drink or threatens to "take down" you and all your (smug little) friends.

Actress Meredith Scott Lynn joins us on the couch this week. You may know her as the sassy lawyer defending That Scum Bag on any given episode of CSI, or the lesbian from Legally Blonde, but we like to think of her as The Accomplished Thespian Who Played Sock Puppets With Us On Our Show.

Along with Meredith, this week we discuss the merits of "hot puppet love," the prospect of an L Word "doppelgang-bang" with Jenny’s Lez Girls cast and the real-life women they will be portraying, and why Jennifer Beals is the hottest woman on the planet television. We also have fun with a couple of reenactments that feature bad dancing, extreme close-ups, and what might happen if Jenny ever got what she deserved. Watch if you dare.

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.5

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