TV alert: “Lipstick Jungle”

I’m not sure whether this is an alert or a warning, really. Lipstick Jungle, the new show from another Sex and the City alum, premieres tonight on NBC. (The other show from a SATC alum is Cashmere Mafia. But you knew that.)

The reviews haven’t been great so far. Here’s one choice snippet from The Oregonian:

… just beneath Lipstick Jungle‘s swank veneer lies, well, nothing. Cliches and abstractions. Vague gestures in the direction of neo-feminism. All of which you’ve seen before, just never quite as lame as it is this time around.

Well. The critics don’t seem to agree, though, on whether Cashmere or Lipstick is the superior of the pair. I’ll confess to being intrigued by Brooke Shields, maybe just because I know she once had the privilege of kissing Cherry Jones. But I doubt she’ll be enough to hold my interest — not that anything on Cashmere Mafia is holding my interest lately, either.

Why is Sex and the City the gold standard for female-centric TV, anyway? Surely Cagney & Lacey, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Popular and Maude deserve more praise when it comes to female, even feminist, characters. Not to mention The Minor Accomplishments of Jackie Woodman, but I think they broke the mold with that one.