Lorraine Bracco’s claws are out for “Lipstick Jungle”

I haven’t gotten around to
watching Lipstick Jungle yet, despite the fact that its leads
make a gorgeous three-way trio.

The reviews have not been kind, just as our resident TV ranters,
Sarah and Lori, predicted. But an upcoming guest may motivate
me to give the show a chance.

Janice Lasher (love the name), a venomous, Judith Regan–like book publisher with a grudge
against Wendy Healy (Brooke Shields) and a tell-all manuscript
by Wendy’s former nanny. In a funny scene on a show that takes itself too
, Bracco
delivers a meta zinger when Wendy tries to convince Janice not to publish
the book. Wendy goes on and on about the trials of trying to balance
the demands of being a movie mogul and a good mom. When she finishes
spilling her guts, Janice waits a beat and says, “You must have
me confused with your shrink.” You go, Dr. Melfi.

Bracco herself suggested that Janice should have a hard edge.

“When I spoke to [executive
producer] Oliver [Goldstick] about creating Janice, I asked him to keep
her a tough New Yorker. I said, ‘Why can’t this character be someone
who went to Brooklyn College instead of [the other women on Lipstick]
who are very slick and fancy shmancy?’ I wanted to be the ‘jungle’ in

Wanna be a part of my jungle,
Lorraine? Grr.

The story arc with Bracco takes
only two episodes, but she hopes to return later in the series. I’d
say that’s the first order of business for the back-to-work Lipstick

Did you watch the premier of
Lipstick Jungle
? What did you think? How does it compare to Cashmere
? Who would you invite to play in your jungle?