Tina Fey and Ellen Page go live from New York

Live from New York, it’s
Saturday Night Awesome! Sorry, I meant “Live!” I just got carried
away when I heard that the first two post-strike SNL hosts will be
Tina Fey
and Ellen Page. The writers’ strike hasn’t even
been over for two full days, and already the good news is falling like
manna from heaven. Tina will host Feb. 23, and Ellen will follow March
1. I’ve already marked my calendar.

Tina’s hosting gig will
be her fist return to SNL since leaving the show in 2006 to create
30 Rock
. While she is intimately familiar with the sketch comedy
show’s inner workings (she joined in 1997 and served as a cast member,
“Weekend Update” anchor and head writer), hosting is another animal altogether.
Who knows: Maybe she’ll take another spin behind the anchor desk for
old times sake. And you just know they’ll get in some inside jokes
about her making a show about a show within the show that she once was
on and is now returning to. Wow, sorry; I just have myself a meta migraine.

Like Tina, Ellen is also a
first-time host. The Juno star has already proven her comedy
chops in the film. I can’t wait to see how the freshly minted Academy
Award nominee navigates the absurdities of live sketch comedy. Her appearance
comes the week after she celebrates her 21st birthday. Oscar
nominee, SNL host and X-Woman — and all by the age of 21? I’m equal
parts in awe and jealous.

Oh, and speaking of being in
awe, have you seen Ellen’s new Interview magazine cover photo?

It’s also nice visual confirmation
of this secret “crime,” which she revealed at Sundance
last year.

So, which host are you most
excited about? Or, like me, do both of them make you want to Snoopy-dance around the room?