Jane Fonda: still rabble-rousing after all these years

This video is all over the web today, so you may have come across it already. Jane Fonda gave Meredith Vieira a shock on the Today show this morning. Fonda and Eve Ensler were discussing The Vagina Monologues, particularly the monologue that celebrates (exclaims, even) the c-word.

Here’s the offending segment [WARNING: NSFW!]:



Those lovable scamps at Queerty.com posted a remix that includes the subsequent apology from Vieira [NSFW FIVE TIMES OVER!]:



I’m not a big fan of the c-word (hey, remember when Tina squirmed about it and then when Jenny lobbed it at poor little Shay?). But I’ve always liked Fonda, and this only makes me like her more. She comes across as — gasp — an adult, and she’s clearly not saying it for shock value. Also, isn’t Vieira’s apology great in its half-heartedness? You know she really wants to roll her eyes and tell everyone to grow up.