Un-valentines for your un-sweetie

Like my co-worker Karman said so poetically today, I’m “sick of having the cloying, traditionally heterosexual holiday crammed down [my] throat every year.” But if I did celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’d be pleased to get one of these lovelies in my box. Inbox! I meant inbox.

First, here’s an awesome Alien-themed valentine that I really did get in my inbox this morning, from my very talented friend Andy Swist (click for a larger version):

Isn’t cartoon Ripley foxy?

Next, here are a few Lost ecards from the ABC website:

I do trust you, Juliet, I do!

Whoa. Deep.

Kate, thank you for bringing the sarcasm.

And now for some Ugly Betty sweeties:

And the doctors of love from Grey’s Anatomy (gah, clearly we’re in the land of traditional valentines now):

But if you really want to hit the perfect un-valentine-y note, try someecards.com, whose tagline is “When you care enough to hit Send.”

Happy … er … Thursday!