5 reasons why I have a crush on Crush

The headline pretty much says it all. American Gladiators ended its run as strike filler last night, and though I watched and loved the original when I was a kid, I don’t remember the Gladiators of my youth looking nearly as hot — nor as disarmingly adorable — as Crush, aka mixed martial artist Gina Carano.

Though I guess it was fun to watch the tenacious contestants battle the superhuman Gladiators, I credit these five reasons for my abject obsession with the show this time around:

1. Crush’s well-proportioned body. It’s perfectly muscular without being disgustingly, Titanly huge.

Perfect proportions:


Disgusting Titan:

(cute bra, though!)

2. The way she squats and turns (OK, fine, her butt) when she gets down in the Joust.

3. Her reply to the referee’s query of, “Gladiator ready?”

Crush: “Yup.”

4. Straight up: Her boobs in the Gladiator Jogbra.

5. Even when she’s kicking butt and being tough, she always flashes that sweet, sweet smile.

What will I do with myself until the next season of American Gladiators brings Crush back to me? Perhaps I’ll fashion a Joust bat and practice my squats. The contender is so ready!