My “American Idol” A-list

Last night, the final 12 Idol girls tried to impress America. I was mildly entertained, but where’s this year’s Melinda Doolittle or Jennifer Hudson? I guess we mustn’t be greedy.

After the show, I looked at my list of favorites so far and realized their first names all start and end with an a (or at least end with an “uh” sound): Amanda Overmyer, Alexandréa Lushington and Asia’h Epperson. Weird!




The pattern would have been broken if I had been able to include Syesha Mercado, and I was expecting to. But, as my girlfriend said, last night Syesha was more like Sy-yeeeesh!-a. Not the best song choice, although Simon did like it.

Anyway, Amanda Overmyer is definitely my girl this year, and I hope she lasts a while. She can actually rock, rather than just pretend to rock, and she seems very down-to-earth. (Her Q&A on the Idol website is great — “Q: What other talents do you have?” “A: Harley rider, good cook.”) Plus, that hair! It’s some sort of Elvira-meets-Debbie-Harry-meets-Concrete-Blonde look. Here she is singing “Baby Please Don’t Go”:

Alexandréa Lushington (I cannot believe she’s only 17!) sang “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat and Tears, aka one of the first songs I learned all the lyrics to when I was a wee thing with a portable record player. I still have the 45 single. Yes, I’m old, but Alexandréa made that song young again.

Asia’h Epperson completely reimagined “Piece of My Heart.” She was Simon’s favorite, though he seemed to be much kinder in general in the second half of the show (except to Carly Smithson).

And the rest … well, as Simon might say, they were forgettable. ‘Cause I really don’t remember them. But apparently a lot of them had the flu, so maybe next week will be better.

My pick to win the whole thing is Michael Johns, unless the already-had-a-record-deal backlash ruins him. And I think Leif Garrett, er, Garrett Haley, as well as David Cook, Kady Malloy and Amy Davis, should be worried about going home tonight. But I should know better than to try to predict these things!

Oh, one other thing: Will Danny Noriega and Colton Berry be allowed to come out, I wonder? So gay.

I wish I could be that sure about a female contestant or two, but even Harley-riding Amanda doesn’t really trigger my gaydar. Not yet, anyway.