Tina Fey gets things done on SNL

Sometimes my expectations are way too high. Like for Bionic Woman — my expectations for that were way, way too high. But I expected great things from Tina Fey‘s hosting gig on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and I wasn’t even a little bit disappointed.

She was funny, adorable and awesome. Let’s start with her monologue:



I don’t even know why that “old movie” voice worked, but it really did. Does she still think she’s not really an actress? It’s time to accept that you absolutely are, Tina.

Of course, the highlight was her rant about Hillary Clinton. Even if you’re not for Hillary, you have to agree that the Starsky joke was hilarious. And you have to love the whole idea of “bitch is the new black.”



(For a printed summary of all that, read the New York Times politics blog.)

But setting aside the awesomeness for a moment, let’s get back to that “even if you’re not for Hillary” thing. Has Tina’s endorsement swayed you at all? Or how about Dorothy Snarker’s endorsement? Or how about the fact that this may be your only chance to vote for a woman for president in your lifetime? OK, maybe just in my lifetime. But it’s historic any way you look at it.

So. If you want to get things done, vote for Hillary. Even if people call you (and her) a bitch.

And I vote for Tina to be the queen of the f—ing universe. She proves, over and over again, that funny is sexy, and smart is even sexier.

P.S. If you’ve come across a hi-res version of that first picture of her in the tie, please post a link!