We’re Getting Nowhere: “The L Word” 5.8

We had some unfortunate technical difficulties to contend with this week on We’re Getting Nowhere. They included the mysterious disappearance of the first ten minutes of our vlog, and the unexpected relocation of the cold Jill had last week to my body this week. In a word, both sucked.

But despite those setbacks, we pressed forward and managed to cobble together a rambling recap of the eighth episode of The L Word. Topics of discussion include Kelly McGillis in drag as The Grim Reaper, Mia Kirshner’s improvisational skills, Bette’s weird hair, and how Alice and Tasha star in their own MentosTM commercial.

Finally, Brunch With Bridget host Bridget McManus dropped by the WGN studios on her lunch break to pick up her cousin Jessica, who was crewing for us this week (thanks, Jess!). She popped her head in long enough to take off her bra on camera and get roped into one of our reenactments. If she actually watched The L Word, I don’t think she ever would have agreed to play Adele (she’s much more of an Alice, don’t you think?).

We’re Getting Nowhere: The L Word Episode 5.8

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