Fan videos and female characters

I’ve often thought that there’s
a Ph.D. thesis to be written on the overarching effect of the internet
on the gay and lesbian community. On the one hand, there’s the fact
that the net potentially exposes the gay user to homophobic hate groups
spewing more bile than (hopefully) he or she encounters in the real world on the
average day. On the other hand, there are communities like … well,
like, which mean that you no longer have to live in a
big city or be a bar bunny to gain some sort of feeling of belonging
to a lesbian community.

And then there’s the phenomenon
of the lesbian (or lesbianish) fan video. Fed up with searching for nonexistent
out lesbian characters in TV and film, some people just get hold of
a film editing program and create their own story lines and emphases
out of the raw material provided by the networks.

Which means if I want
to see a video that focuses on the subtexty bits between, say, Serena and
Blair on Gossip Girl, then it doesn’t take me very long to
find one:

And a well-made one at that. Admittedly,
there’s a bit more of Blair rolling around with various interchangeable
boys than I need to see, but I think this video does a great job of
capturing the fact that the most powerful emotional relationship on
the show is really between the two girls. Which makes a nice change
after all the shows — from Starsky and Hutch to Nip/Tuck
— focused on male pairs who secretly seem to need each other more than
they really need the inconsequential women who pass between them.

Then there’s this video centered
on Andie (Anne Hathaway) and Miranda (Meryl Streep) from
The Devil Wears Prada

Ingenious, no? Especially the choice
of Madonna’s “Frozen” for the song, which actually fits Miranda’s
character perfectly. As lesbianish pairings go, there’s a rather huge
age gap — if I’d been making a video, I probably would have tried
to make it between Hathaway and Emily Blunt’s characters —
but then, women of Hathaway’s age get cast opposite men of Streep’s
age without a second thought in Hollywood. The “fresh-faced female
ingenue meets powerful female boss” is certainly a new twist.

One pairing I always secretly wanted
to see was Joey (Katie Holmes) and Jen (Michelle
) on Dawson’s Creek.

Perhaps because there was never really
enough subtext in the original program to support that, I couldn’t
find any lesbianish videos featuring them — but I did find this rather
excellent, and funny, one that illustrates how the two of them
envied and competed against each other in the early seasons of the show:

This just reminds me of the thing
I really loved about Dawson’s Creek, which was that it had
not one but two smart, complex female leads, neither of whom could be
slotted easily into the stereotypical characters of “the brain”
or “the beauty.” I’ll admit my crush was mainly on Joey, but
Michelle Williams is pretty much my pick for most talented young Hollywood

Which female TV and film pairings
would you like to see get a lesbianish twist? Which relationships between
female characters do you find interesting even if they don’t feature
gay subtext? Let me know below.