Bringing Out the Warrior Princess

If they did what they
could in the ’90s, what could they do now? Sears said he’s thought a lot about
that question, and he’s not optimistic. “As far as the marketing mind is
concerned and the studios,” he explained, “if a movie came out they
would play with it, they would toy with it, they would try to appeal to the
male heterosexual audience, because in their minds that’s who’s attracted to
these kinds of films, these action films. They don’t want to turn those people

Then Sears pointed out
the dark side of main text. “The horrible thing that might be done is that
they would then say, let’s go completely commercial with this thing,” he
said. “They would have the characters kiss, have the characters imply that
they had a sexual encounter, and then have them realize, well, that was just an
experiment. Now let’s go back to men. That’s the worst possible thing that
could happen. But it’s also one of the most possible things that
marketing could do.”

In light of those fears,
a dozen intimate moments in the hot tub, soulful glances and fireside nights
spent in each other’s arms don’t seem so bad. And neither do Renee O’Connor’s
final thoughts on how Xena might best be made today.

“I always wanted
people to look at it as unconditional love,” she said, “especially
people from the conservative side who didn’t want to see anything like that.
Just watch the show, and see what you want to see. I still think that today
that would be the best way to put the series on.”

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