Ellen Page plays a “primo lesbian” on SNL

So, did you see Ellen Page on Saturday Night Live?

More important, did you see her in that last skit? Page played a young woman named Marty whose life was forever changed by a Melissa Etheridge concert. Here it is:



Yes, you heard that right: She did say, “Why does everything have to have a frickin’ label? Why can’t I just hug a woman with my legs in friendship?” Ha ha!

Around the interweb, the sketch is being seen as a response to all the gay rumors about Page. But whether or not it was really about Ellen herself, it was refreshing to see such a positive gay-themed skit on SNL. Its ultimate message seemed to be, “It’s OK to be gay.”

And that’s partly because Page really committed to it: She was goofy and hyper and not a bit shy about playing a gay character. It was funny, but not in the way gay things are usually funny on SNL — which is in a mocking, ridiculing, as-if-we-could-ever-be-gay way. It almost sounded sincere (hilariously sincere) when she said, “I just felt like I was an oil lamp that’s never been lit. And now I’m finally burning bright with sisterfire.”

I think we should adopt “And I was like, aaahhhhhhh!” as a catchphrase for lesbians everywhere.

Other than that, though, Page was kind of an average host, at best. I don’t think sketch comedy is really her thing. But I did enjoy her performance in the digital short, earlier in the episode:



Isn’t she adorable in her pajama pants and T-shirt? And I love her expression when she “scares” the ghost:

Her monologue was pretty funny too:

Ellen Page, whether you’re really gay, or you just like to hug women with your legs in friendship — or just play characters of all stripes — you’re the best.