TV alerts: “New Amsterdam,” Christina Ricci, Dee Dee Myers

I think I’m still in writers’ strike mode, because I am inordinately excited every time I hear about a new episode or a new show. Tonight brings the premiere of New Amsterdam, a Fox sci-fi/crime drama about an immortal cop. The cop is played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, about whom I have no opinion. Alexie Gilmore and Zuleikha Robinson co-star. They’re hot.

Since the unsung Life is not likely to return, I have to get my cop fix somewhere, so I might give New Amsterdam a try.

Meanwhile, Christina Ricci and Dee Dee Myers stop by The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. The former will discuss the widely panned Penelope, while the latter will promote her book Why Women Should Rule the World. Perfect for a big presidential Tuesday!