TV characters you’d date

I don’t think too much about
dating, these days. I’ve haven’t been single for a while and have no
desire or plan to be single again. But when I saw Entertainment Weekly‘s
list of “TV Characters You’d
,” I asked
my girlfriend and a couple of friends to play the who-would-you-date game.
My girlfriend chimed in immediately with Dana Fairbanks. (I was
not surprised. She’s mentioned her before.) One friend led with Olivia
Benson (Law and Order: SVU) and followed up with Tasha
Williams (The L Word) and Diane Russell (NYPD
). The other shared that Kris Munroe (Charlie’s Angels)
was her first love (and the one against which all subsequent loves have
been measured). And then she threw in Mary Bradford

(Eight Is Enough) and C.J. Lamb
(L.A. Law) for good measure..

And, of course, I made my own
list. Which got very long. Here are but a few.

Liz Lemon
30 Rock

This one is so obvious that
I almost feel stupid explaining it. Smart is hot. Funny is hot. And
hot is hot. Even though she might eventually send me looking for my
own “lady Steadman,” I would not pass up the chance to date Liz

Alice Pieszecki
The L Word

Once again, smart + funny +
hot = an obvious choice. She’s out and proud, and I like that in a woman.
Alice did, however, have a lot of competition for my affections. On
pure physical attraction (plus major smarts), I’d probably go with Bette.
But she cheats, and I don’t like that in a woman. Then there’s Tasha.
Swoon. And Carmen. Swoon. But I think I would laugh most with Alice,
so there you go.

Alex Cabot
Law and Order:

I surprised myself with this
one — and I’m still fighting it a little. I have very deep feelings
for Olivia Benson, but when I thought about whether I’d actually want
to date her, I realized she’s a little too tortured for me, and I flashed
to Alex — who I’ve always liked and who seems more stable and smarter
than Olivia. (The only problem is that she’s in the witness protection

A friend asked why I had to
choose between them — after all, it’s my game. And she has a point.
But somehow it just seemed wrong to date more then one of them, even
when it’s fake. They know each other! I would, however, happily step
aside if they wanted to date each other.

Dr. Kim Legaspi —

I initially thought about Abby
on ER, but then quickly flashed to the lovely Dr. Kim Legaspi.
She was out and compassionate and lovely. (Have I mentioned that she
was lovely?) My girlfriend dismissively said that every lesbian who’s
ever fallen in love with her therapist fell for Dr. Legaspi — and she
may be right — but still, she was lovely. And unlike Dr. Weaver, I would
not be afraid to let anyone know that she was my girlfriend.

Jane Lane

Normally, I shy away from high
school girl crushes, but somehow it’s less creepy when they’re cartoon
characters. Jane was creative, witty and quite attractive — as cartoon
characters go. Plus, aside from her thing with Tom, she wasn’t too boy-crazy.

Teddy Reed

I try to avoid the troubled,
tortured alcoholics, but Teddy had such a great smile and was just so
insanely, incredibly hot. Plus she was creative, had an interesting
family and did mostly get her life together. And she was hot.

Andrea Zuckerman
Beverly Hills 90210

The smart ones always do it
for me. I thought Andrea was much more attractive than Brenda, Kelly
or Donna — at least during the West Beverly years. (And I could justify
the high school girl crush because Gabrielle Carteris was 29
when the show first aired in 1990.)

C.J. Lamb —
L.A. Law

Again … hot, smart, out. Duh!

Jamie Sommers
The Bionic

Michelle Ryan certainly had
the body, but my heart belongs to the original Jamie Sommers (Lindsay Wagner).
She fought for all that was right and true, was incredibly attractive
and was amazingly strong (probably tireless, really). Not that I’d want
to objectify her, but it seems like it would be pretty cool to have
a bionic girlfriend. Plus, she had that bionic dog!

Bailey Quarters
WKRP in Cincinnati

Bailey was a little timid and
shy and young, but she was also smart, appealing and ambitious. She
definitely had a nerdy, dorky thing going on. I do, of course, have
to ignore the icky thing she had going on with Dr. Johnny Fever.

And I could go on. But enough
is enough.

So who would you date?