“The L Word” Recaps: Episode 5.10 “Lifecycle”


Riding a bike: Not something you know how to do innately. Just like sex with a woman, argues Molly.
Strap-on: A gift that keeps on giving.
Control: What Bette loses.

THIS WEEK’S GUESTBIANS: Kate French is young and in love; Clementine Ford is also young and in love; Malaya Rivera Drew is young and evil.

The Pink Ride — Hey, it’s the Pink Ride! No, not the Pink Ladies or the Pink Pistols — this is the bike ride for breast cancer awareness and research. Yes, the event that was mentioned in the locker room in Episode 5.3 has finally come to pass. Gasp: an L Word thread that didn’t get dropped!

Our heroines are all there, listening to a speech and cheering for the “amazing ride” they’re about to embark on.

Go, Team Dana! Wah. Dana.

A reunion — As Team Dana gets ready to ride, Tasha runs into some old friends of hers. She and Papi used to play basketball with them. What a relief; I think we were all starting to think Papi was a figment of our collective imagination.

Tasha’s friends are on the “Coco Girls” team.

Alice: Who’s Coco?

Tasha: It’s a gay club downtown.
Alice: Really? Thought I knew all the lezzie clubs. Guess not.
Tasha: It’s mostly black. It’s kind of a different scene.
Alice: Oh.

And then Tasha laughs that infectious laugh of hers again. Alice isn’t quite sure what to say. The Coco Girls invite Tasha to “party” with them later. After they leave, Alice points out the obvious.

Alice: Was she flirtin’ with you? Lil’ bit?
Tasha: Maybe a little.
Alice: Thought so.
Tasha: Jealous?
Alice: No.
Tasha: Hmm?
Alice: Yeah.

Aw. They’re adorable when they tease each other.

Pink PDA — Tina wanders through the crowd and is stunned to see Niki and Jenny kissing. She makes a beeline for the happy couple and asks Niki what the f— she’s doing there, though that really should be obvious: She’s promoting Girltrash, of course.

Yes, this episode was directed by Angela Robinson, who obviously knows how to maximize her marketing opportunities.

It seems Niki is supposed to be in L.A., shooting the new cover of Rolling Stone. But Adele happily rescheduled that. Isn’t Adele helpful?

Niki assures Tina that she and Jenny won’t be having sex on the side of the road or anything, and nobody will even recognize her. And of course, right then, someone asks Niki for her autograph. Tina throws up her hands in despair and walks away.