Geena Davis hopes third time is the charm

Geena Davis
has been the Commander in Chief. She has been her namesake in

The Geena Davis Show. And now, she is going to be a police detective
to see if the third time really is the charm when it comes to having
your own TV show. The 52-year-old actress will star in the newly greenlit
pilot for the series Exit 19.

In the hour-long drama for
CBS, Geena will play a “quirky homicide detective on
the mean streets of Manhattan who also is a single mom to two kids in
the Long Island suburbs.” As television’s newest female law enforcement
officer, she joins the distinguished ranks of Kyra Sedgwick on

The Closer, Holly Hunter
on Saving Grace, Mariska Hargitay
on Law & Order: SVU and many others who have worn the badge
for the cameras. Geena almost made her entrance into police work early,
as she was approached last year to take over for departing star
Mandy Patinkin
on fellow CBS crime drama Criminal Minds.

Joe Mantegna ended up taking the role.

As a fan of most crime procedurals
(there is something to be said for the simplicity of good guys catching
the bad guys, especially after a long day of blogging), I’ll probably
check out Geena’s latest offering. I can’t say I was a fan of her
other post-Oscar small-screen attempts. I never watched her 2001 series,
The Geena Davis Show
. Apparently it was a relationship/familial
sitcom. Though, after seeing this promo shot of Geena and her endless
legs, I feel I may have missed out on something important.

I also didn’t tune in to
see Geena fulfill my wildest presidential dreams as the first female

Commander in Chief in 2005. I’m not entirely sure why I didn’t
tune in, except I’m not a huge fan of political dramas. If I want
to get worked up about affairs of state, I’ll just switch to CNN.
I did, however, greatly enjoy Geena’s sly and witty acceptance speech
at the 2006 Golden Globes, where she made up a touching story about a
little girl who said the show inspired her to be president.

I’ve enjoyed much of Geena’s
film work, from Beetlejuice to A League of Their Own and,
of course, Thelma & Louise. But with so little to go on about
her new show (Quirky? Single mom? Long Island?), it’s impossible to
say whether it will be the charm or the third strike for her TV career.
Still, let’s speculate wildly. Sounds great? Sounds terrible? Sounds
like Susan Sarandon should be a guest star?