The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

The L Word has always been a gold mine for those who love lesbian drama, and Season 5 was no exception. Oh, sure, there are women who have never seen a single episode and still live happy, productive lives. Or so I’m told. For the rest of us, The L Word remains the best game in town for dissecting and dishing, ranting and raving, and ogling and guffawing at those fictional lesbians in LaLa Land.

Next year will be the last season of the series that revolutionized the way television portrays lesbian lives, added “crisp-ay,” “nipple confidence” and “clique up” to our lexicon, and showcased L.A. lesbian fashion with a distinct je ne sais quoi (which is French for “what the hell is she wearing?”).

Whatever resolutions the final season of The L Word brings in 2009, we’ll always have this: a thoroughly unscientific and totally random list of the best and worst of Season 5. Let the processing begin!

Best Relationship: Bette and Tina

These two crazy kids finally realized what their friends have known all along: They belong together. And because I’ve had Pat Benatar on the brain lately, I can’t help but hear, “Whatever we deny or embrace, for worse or for better … we belong, we belong, we belong together …”

Prior to Season 4, Ilene Chaiken told Go NYC magazine, “We never tell a story based on what the audience wants.” And by “what the audience wants,” she meant continuity, happy couples and Dana. Maybe Ilene is getting soft in her old age, because TiBette is back.

Whether Mama B. and Mama T. stay together long enough to see Angelica graduate from kindergarten remains to be seen. Until then, they’ll continue to channel John Lennon and Yoko Ono.