The Best and Worst of ” The L Word” Season 5

Worst Continuity: Papi

Oh Papi, where art thou? Papi was Tasha’s best homegirl. In fact, Papi was the one who introduced Tasha to everyone. Papi had friends, Papi had hats, Papi had Alice. Papi was a supernova on the Chart. And yet, this year, there was nary a mention of Papi’s whereabouts. Did she find Ms. Right and settle down in Long Beach? Did she have a falling out with Tasha? Is she trapped under something heavy? Guess we’ll never know.

Second place goes to Wax, Shane’s hair salon and mini skateboard park that mysteriously melted to the ground at the start of this season.

The Los Angeles Fire Department’s Arson Unit must still be working on that little investigation.

Most Improved: Tina

Tina’s been the passive partner, cuckolded spouse, baby oven and hetero homemaker, but as a movie studio mogul, she’s finally come into her own — and it showed. Tina exhibited Zen-like calm when dealing with Jenny, Niki and Adele, and she was usually the only sane person in the conference room. Additionally, there was something sexy about the way she wielded her visitor’s pass power on the Lez Girls set.

And how ’bout her kick-ass body?

It bounced back from childbirth quite nicely, and she wasn’t afraid to flaunt it. Tina’s confidence — nipple and otherwise — was refreshing. She’s so together now, Bette even asked her for advice during the art-student-with-gun crisis at school. When was the last time Bette asked Tina’s advice on anything?

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